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Ryo Sonoda of sonodaband speaks about The first major album “Renaissance”

    Q: Tell us about “Renaissance”, the first major album from FlyingStar Records.

    A: In a word, it is “Rock.”
    Rock is music all the members love in common.
    In this album, there is an essence of love by members at the bottom of each song though you might hear various genres.
    With this unit of these instruments, somewhat unique, I ask myself what music we can make. I think there is an answer for that theme we have been trying hard to find since the band was formed.

    Q: What in this album do you want listeners to listen to ?
    A: Though we are an instrumental band, we have few solo parts of each in this album. We think even “it is OK that we have no solos.”
    We want listeners to enjoy and sense fully “the band feeling” equally expressed by 6 members.

    Q: What made you call this album “Renaissance”?
    Like orchestra→big band →band→unit(DJ & singer, etc), music has decreased necessary members for performance along with the technical progress. Nowadays if you go to clubs, one DJ plays complete music.
    But when you think there is a reaction in any phenomenon, I feel that the environmental basis which is the warmth of acoustic ensemble is reevaluated should be grown. Paying respect to great music and musicians in the past, I want to explore the possibility of new music. That’s why I named this album, “Renaissance”, the word of the revival of learning and hoping for the art of a new era.
    Q: How do you feel for your major debut?
    A: Nothing much in particular (laugh). But I am glad that people in record company felt that they wanted to spread our music to the world.

    Q: Any comment to listeners?
    A: Listeners who have known us before might think that, for better or worse, the band sound really changes in this album. But the message that we want to convey has never changed since the form of our band.
    Each one of you could use your imagination freely to draw any scenery you like. That’s because we have no words. I have been keeping on playing in this band to want to tell you such an attractiveness of instrumental music. I’d be happy if you could feel that through this album.

    Ryo Sonoda (leader, keyboardist, composer) Sonodaband
    The first major album “Renaissance”is now on the market!

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